Stream improvement in Çukurköy


İZMİR'de, living in the flood disaster last June, establishing a base in the Menemen Çukurköy Metropolitan Municipality teams, passing through the village and causing damage in severe rains began the work of breeding. 9.5 million pounds will be completed in 6 months of the stream rehabilitation.


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, last June due to excessive rainfall in the neighborhood of the Kolangerisi creek due to overflow in the neighborhood of Çukurköy Menemen'e started to work in the region, homes were damaged, citizens were helped to return to normal life. In addition, the General Directorate of İZSU teams, along the stream and the side of the 2-kilometer bed by doing cleaning work, 130 trucks took out the material, the stream was relaxed.


IZSU General Directorate, acting on the order of President Aziz Kocaoglu to prevent similar problems of Cukurkoy, which was established on the creek bed, in the future, prepared a stream improvement project and went to the tender for construction. Following the completion of the tender phase, some time ago, 2.1 km of the creek's rehabilitation work began.



In order to prevent the drifting of rocks and stones from the mountain with precipitation, 3 sluices will be formed on the upper part of the stream and a sedimentation pool will be formed to prevent alluvial thin materials. The sediment pool will be produced in the side stream. The 550 meter section where the top of the creek is closed will be rehabilitated to be a cross-section and other sections will be open section. This will prevent flood waters from overflowing in severe rains, causing damage. Breeding work to be completed in 6 months will cost 9.5 million pounds.