About Us

Güven Construction established in 1987 to realize construction projects that will serve humanity. Potable water network, wastewater and rainwater drainage, landscaping, rainwater collection network, wastewater networks, infrastructure works have been completed successfully. Guven Construction has become a professional company specializing in the branch of Turkish construction industry. Güven Construction is one of the leading companies in Turkish construction sector. The importance of quality for Guven Construction has been certified with ISO 9001 and EPDK construction service certificate. Lifelong education is one of the significant criteria in company and it succeeded by trainings among the employees. Main goal of the company is that using the experience with new technologies. By this goal, Guven Construction have young and Professional technical knowledge. Safety, quality and innovation are the key factors of company. In the field of activities, we consider humanitarian measures as well as professional and technical measures. The importance of people life and happiness show us how to act to achieve proven projects. Projects of our company have enabled our customers to produce products and services that exceed their quality expectations. Guven Construction, with a confidence originating above 30 years of experience, continues to work with its first day enthusiasm and self-sacrifice in order to make its achievements even higher.

     Güven Construction is one of the leading companies in the Turkish construction sector. The company attaches importance to quality with ISO 9001 and EPDK production service certificate. Güven İnşaat has ensured to increase the awareness of its own codes among the employees with its in-house trainings that implement defined processes in the management of its operations with its high-caliber employees and its quality approach. Our company's projects have led to the creation of products and services that exceed our customers' quality expectations. 


    Turkey which performs many projects in general, more confidence building experience for his achievements on the first day of the enthusiasm and dedication continues to work to remove high.