Izmir will be the proud facility


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which had to close the water sales stations as of 31 March as per the regulation, invested 7.6 million pounds and established a facility to bottle the mineral and delicious spring water from Bornova Homer Valley. With a capacity of 1500 carboys per hour, the facility will be operated meden untouched te in the hygiene and technique set by the World Health Organization and the EU. Carboys will be subjected to “6-stage” internal washing process. The 19-liter Su İzmir Su-Homeros ”will be available for 6 TL. 

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which produces healthy, nutritious and economical bread production for the low-income citizens at the Kent Bread Factory in Çiğli, will now deliver quality, healthy and delicious spring water to the residents of İzmir at affordable prices.  
İZSU, which collects Bedesten and Deli Sülaymanlı spring waters in the Bornova Homeros Valley in Çamiçi Village and transports them to the “Bornova Spring Water Filling Facility İZ, is making the final preparations in the facility to be filled with 19 liters of polycarbonate carboy with an capacity of 1500 carboys per hour. The facility, completed with an investment of 7.6 million TL, will be operated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Grand Plaza A.Ş. After the permission of İzmir Public Health Directorate, production will officially start. Meanwhile, trademark registration studies for spring waters have been completed. Under the brand name Su İzmir Su-Homeros,, the sale price of this mineral, soft and delicious water that will reach İzmir's house through dealers is 6 TL. as. 

Untouched production

The water coming from the source will be automatically bottled after passing through filters without using any chemicals, ozonation and touching. Empty demijohns from dealers will be checked visually in the first place and cracked ones will be separated. Air pressure will be applied to the carboys taken on the belt and a second sorting will be done. In the outer washing section, the carboys, which are passed through the external washing without touching the machine, will be taken to the 6-stage inner washing line. After pre-washing, washing, cleaning with disinfectant, rinsing and final rinsing stages, capping, safety band and heat tunnel stages will be realized. Carboys that are filled in the most healthy way will be ready for distribution by printing on the cover, production, last consumption and expiry date and serial number. The facility, which is exemplary of hygiene and technique in İzmir, will serve in accordance with the criteria of the World Health Organization, EU directives and the Ministry of Health S Regulation on Water for Human Consumption ”. 

There's even a control center
The facility has 22 laboratories, including a chemical and a food engineer. In the laboratory, chemical and microbiological values of water are examined every day. In addition, samples are analyzed periodically at the source point of the spring water and before entering the facility. In order for the personnel to enter the facility which is given the utmost importance to hygiene, firstly, it is necessary to wash their hands and then hold it automatically to the disinfectant. Shoe covers, masks and bones are mandatory. There is also a SCADA system where water and machines are controlled. The officers have the opportunity to monitor both the plant and the filling operations from the SCADA center and intervene with the computer when there is a problem with the machines. 

Water sales stations are closing
Following the decision of the Ministry of Health to şiş bottling the spring waters satış in the meli Regulation on Water Consumption for Human Consumption Büyük, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality launched the ova Bornova Spring Water Filling Facility de. Meanwhile, the Provincial Directorate of Public Health gave permission to İZSU General Directorate until March 31, 2017 for the sale of water through the stations. 8 stations in Karşıyaka and Bornova, which are sold upstream by İZBETON, will be closed as of this date.  



source: https://www.izmir.bel.tr/